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Agricultural Salt

Animals depend on salt for a healthy, balanced diet. At John’s Salt Service, we understand the role that salt can play in animal nutrition and have products specifically to meet the needs of feed mixing. At John’s Salt we are proud to offer a variety of high-quality feed salts in California. We strive to provide salts of the highest purity to ensure that your livestock gets the salt intake they need. Contact us to learn more or to discuss the feed products we have to offer. Whether you are purchasing blocks, bricks, in bags or in bulk, John’s Salt has products that fit your needs.


Brine Tank Salt

A salt brine tank is a container used to hold a solution of water and salt, typically sodium chloride, which is used for water softening. The tank is typically made of plastic or fiberglass and is filled with a specific amount of salt and water. Water softeners work by exchanging the hardness minerals (usually calcium and magnesium) in the water with sodium ions from the salt. The salt brine tank is an essential component of a water softener system because it stores the salt solution and initiates the regeneration process to replace the sodium ions on the resin beads in the softener.



With over 50 grades and mixtures designed for food manufacturers, our complete line of salts and salt-related products set the industry standard. Explore our offering to find the right product for your application.



As the leader in the salt category, we have made our name synonymous with quality, reliability and service for more than 160 years. With over 50 grades and mixtures designed for food manufacturers, our complete line of salts and salt-related products set the standard.

  • Salt production and processing

  • Quality, reliability and service

  • Food grade salt production capabilities



CERTIFIED PHARMACEUTICAL SALTS Salt has a long history of use in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. At JSSI, we offer a range of pharmaceutical salts in Hayward, CA, that meet the requirements set out in the United States Pharmacopeia and Food Chemicals Codex standards. So, when you are looking for top-grade medical salts, trust JSSI to deliver the products you need.



Pool Salt helps generate the free chlorine necessary to maintain your saltwater pool and delivers:

  1. High-Purity Salt

  2. Fast-Dissolving Crystals

  3. Free of Stain-Causing Additives

Morton® Pool Salt Does Not Contain Iodine You should only use pool salt if your pool is equipped with a functioning saltwater chlorinator or generator system.



Road salt has been the most cost-effective option to keep roads clear during harsh winter conditions. QwikSalt is the top choice for many reasons:

  • Over 99% pure sodium chloride

  • Mixed with magnesium chloride to enhance performance and storage

  • Blended with an anti-caking agent for optimal flowability

  • QwikSalt stays on the road, reducing bounce and scatter



Made by Nature. Delivered by John’s Salt Service. Morton® Sea Salt is a food grade salt harvested from ocean water using solar evaporation. The salt crystals are ideal for use in baked goods toppings, dry blends, seasonings, meat, poultry, fish, and more.

  • Cereals & baked goods

  • Dairy Dry blends & seasonings

  • Meat, poultry & fish

  • Condiments spreads & processed vegetables

  • Snacks & sweets.



Himalayan Pink Salt is sourced directly from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, which are rich in iron, giving our salt its irresistible pink hue. Pink Salt gives your favorite dishes the pop of color and excitement they deserve.

  • Fine & Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt

  • Stunning Presentation

  • For Everyday Use

  • Direct from the Earth



From softening to remediation to chlorination, we provide a number of NSF-approved, 99.8% certified pure, all-natural water treatment salts, that will help keep your water clean and drinkable. Our salts also help to protect your water treatment equipment. Contact us to learn more about the water softening salts we have to offer or to discuss the types of salt you need for your water treatment system.